Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The "Ice Castle" Debuts

The Ice Castle, the second installment in the "Lexicon" series by Pendred Noyce, finally hit bookstores this week. Yay!

In this latest adventure, Daphne and Ivan discover their spoiled cousin, Lila has disappeared through a magical portal into the harsh and frigid Land of Winter.

They set out to bring her back, only to encounter bears and a gang of nomadic kidnappers. The three cousins soon find themselves thrust into a tumultuous society where social standing is determined by one's muscial abilities. This particular world is sharply divided between haves and have-nots, and reverberates with hidden plots and rebellious rumblings.

The Ice Castle was great fun to illustrate. It's a tale full of adventure and drama, memorable characters, emotion, humor, and wonderful imaginary places.

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