Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tarot Show at The Hive Gallery

I'll be participating in the Hive Gallery's 2nd Annual Tarot show, opening Saturday, January 8th and running through the end of the month. Participating artists were asked to submit a piece representing a particular card in the Tarot deck. I chose to illustrate the Page of Cups, part of the Minor Arcana. Since I know nothing about the Tarot, I had a lot of fun researching the symbolism and meaning behind the card. After a process that included a lot of sketching, erasing, crumpling of paper, tossing of paper, and sketching some more, I finally decided upon my final design. I incorporated many of the symbols representing the Page of Cups, including the color blue (expression and communication), feathers (higher thought), fish (emotion, intuition and creativity), and flowers (joy, beauty, and sensitivity). According to my research, the Page of Cups encourages you "to embrace your childlike sense of wonder, because when you do this, there is no limit to your creative flow".