Monday, January 16, 2012

Lullabies and Nightmares at the Hive

Sugar and spice and some things not so nice. Snips and snails and monster tales. Sixteen illustrators expose the light and dark sides of childhood, evoking memory and imagination to explore the lullabies and nightmares that still reside within us all. The artists: Robin Angelides, Anthea Brown, Barbara Browning, Diane Browning, Joan Charles, Steven Corvelo, Lisa Deutsch, Terry Diefenbach, Suzy Engleman Block, Marci Hersel, Tanya Maiboroda, Kat McDonough, Irina Mirskaya, Mary Peterson, and Karyn Raz Jane Smith.

Lullabies and Nightmares opens at the Hive Gallery on Saturday, February 4th.

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